Best price white powder Na2S2O4 88% sodium hydrosulfite

Group Sodium hydrosulfite
PriceUS $1075-1100 / ton
Min. Order 1 ton
Terms of Payment L/C, D/P, Western Union, T/T
Update Time 2020-09-17
Item specifics
melting point52-55°C
hs code2831101000
sodium hydrosulfiteRongalite C
original placeHunan, China
package50kg iron drum
mol wt174.108
smellno smell or slightly sulfur dioxide smell
application1vat dyeing
application2reduction cleaning
applicationsprinting, stripping and bleaching
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Competitive price white powder 

Na2S2O4 90%88%85% sodium 


General Description of Sodium Hydrosulphite:

(1) Appearance : It is a white sand -like crystals or yellowish powder chemicals


(2) Security Description : toxic , getting fire or explosion occurred , decomposing toxic gases


(3) The description of a spontaneous combustion hazard , instability explosive , toxic (aqueous solution )


ABOUT SAFETY : Avoid contacting it with moisture, acids, oxidizing chemicals and combustible organic


HG/T 2074-2011 Product Specification

sodium hydrosulfite(Na2S2O4)% , ≥
physical appearancewhite crysal powder
smellno smell or slightly SO2 smell
state when dissolvedClear or slightly muddy when dissolved in formaldehyde 



 GB 22215-2008 Product Specification


sodium hydrosulfite(Na2S2O4)%≥ 88.0
Lead (Pb)≤ 5 ppm
Cadmiun (Cd)≤ 2 ppm
Arsenic (As)≤ 1 ppm
Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid disodium (EDTA)Qualified
Fformate (as HCOONa)≤0.05%




Sodium Hydrosulfite Applications :

In the textile industry ,

It is widely used for reduction cleaning , printing and bleaching in the textile dyeing industry . And it is used as beacher of silk , wool , nylon fabric , such as bleach , because it does not contain heavy metals , the bleached  fabric color is very bright . 

textile Na2S2O4.jpgprinting&dyeing sodium sulphite


In food industry ,

In food industry , it can be used for food bleach , such as gelatin , sugar, candied fruit , and soap , animals (plants ) oils , bamboo, clay of bleaching . It can also be used in organic synthesis , such as dyes , as a reducing agent in the production of drugs or bleach .



In pulp and paper industry ,

Sodium Hydrosulfite is the most suitable wood pulp and paper bleaching agent.sodium hydrosulfite paper and pulp.jpgsodium sulfite food grade


1)Iron drums with double polyethylene liners, net weight 50kg.

2)Internal callbackable container, net weight 1200kg each.


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