Our Honor
Zhuzhou Rongda Chemical Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise specialized in producing and marketing zinc-based chemical materials. Our head company is Zhuzhou Mingqi Chemical Co., Ltd. which was established in 2007. Actually, we are one of the biggest distributors of sodium sulfite in China. Rongda was built mainly for our export sales. 

Rongda has our own invested and cooperative facilities, and also represents some other renowned suppliers in China. 

The main products with yearly production capacity as below: 
1) Sodium sulfite anhydrous, capacity: 50,000 metric tons 
2) Zinc sulphate, capacity: 30,000 metric tons 
3) Zinc oxide, capacity: 30,000 metric tons 
4) Rongalite, capacity: 20,000 metric tons 
5) Sodium metabisulphite, capacity: 50,000 metric tons 
6) Caustic soda flakes, capacity: 50,000 metric tons 

Rongda is also dedicated to sourcing and suppling other quality chemicals to meet customers' needs. 

Rongda is still young, but we will try the best to be your reliable source of chemicals from China.