Titanium dioxide production high-tech equipment technology has broad prospects

Time: 2019-09-12
Summary: Titanium dioxide production high-tech equipment technology has broad prospects
Titanium dioxide is a special inorganic chemical product. Its main function is color development (white) and hiding power. It requires high dispersion, high coverage and high weather resistance. It plays an important role in the application market of the coatings industry. The birth of a high-quality titanium dioxide product requires a high-end and efficient production process, and the technical differences between different production equipment will often affect the quality of the titanium dioxide products produced. Therefore, how to further improve the level of production equipment in China's titanium dioxide industry, how to integrate and collide with cutting-edge equipment technology in a professional platform has become a topic of general concern to the industry. This is the information obtained by the reporter from the "2019 Titanium Dioxide Production High-tech Equipment Technology Achievements Exchange Conference" held in Xiangtan, Hunan from September 9th to 10th.
Bi Sheng, director of the Titanium Distillation Center of the National Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center and secretary general of the Titanium Dioxide Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, pointed out that as one of the industry conferences for positioning professional and high-end equipment, the conference aims to promote titanium dioxide enterprises and supporting equipment enterprises and related The unit communicates and communicates, sums up and displays many innovations in energy saving, environmental protection and clean production introduced by the industry in recent years.

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