Kemu: Titanium dioxide market has bottomed out

Time: 2019-08-21
Summary: Kemu: Titanium dioxide market has bottomed out

Murd CEO Mark Vergnano said recently that the titanium dioxide international market has bottomed out in the second quarter, but the future recovery will be gradual.

Vergnano said: "The titanium dioxide market has already bottomed out, and we have begun to see a recovery in the market. In the past, the market bottoming usually triggered a strong rebound, but at the moment I think the market recovery will be relatively stable, and Not a dramatic V-shaped trend like the last two cycles."

As the weak macroeconomic conditions put pressure on demand, it is expected that the recovery of the current cycle of titanium dioxide will be slower. Vergnano said: "I don't think the current global macroeconomic situation will make everyone have the confidence to buy. Therefore, the purchase may be more gradual than the past cycle."

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