Asian soda ash market pressure

Time: 2019-07-16
Summary: Asian soda ash market pressure

Sinochem New Network News The Asian soda ash market is expected to continue to be dragged down by China's supply, and the market outlook is still not optimistic. In July, the price of heavy soda ash was reduced to US$240/tonne (FOB, China), while the price of light soda ash was US$230-235/ton, which was about US$20/ton lower than the price of June shipment. Although the price of soda ash in Asia has fallen to its lowest point since February 20 and March 20, market sentiment remains sluggish and liquidity remains weak.

Anxun data shows that in the week ending July 3, the price of heavy soda ash in Northeast Asia market was 250~260 US dollars/ton (CFR, Northeast Asia), down 5 US dollars from the previous month; the price of heavy soda ash in Southeast Asia market was 255. ~260 US dollars / ton (CFR, Southeast Asia), relatively stable.

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