Titanium dioxide market has risen

Time: 2019-02-20

After the holiday, some domestic enterprises and merchants have not resumed work, but the titanium dioxide market has already set off a wave of price increases.

On February 12th, Longsheng Lilian Group, which has the largest production capacity in China, announced that it will raise the sales price of titanium dioxide from now on. The domestic customers will increase the price by 500 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price, and the international customers will raise the price by US$100/ton. The prelude to the price increase of titanium dioxide was opened. In the following week, Detian Chemical, China National Nuclear Titanium, Jinan Yuxing, Haifeng Xinhua, Chuangda Yutu, Daon Titanium, and Jinpu Titanium announced that they have raised the price of titanium dioxide products.

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