Asia's largest polypropylene single unit feeding

Time: 2019-02-15

In February, the RAPID project in Malaysia, which was built by Ryukyu Six Construction Company, came to the good news. Under the witness of the owner's total package, the valve of the Malaysian polypropylene plant was opened slowly, and the raw material propylene purchased by the owner entered the polypropylene plant refining zone for the first time. This marks the successful launch of the Malaysian RAPID 900,000 tons/year polypropylene plant.

It is understood that the project is the largest polypropylene single-set installation in Asia. It is divided into two production lines of loop reactor reaction and multi-zone reaction of 450,000 tons/year. It is a key component of petrochemical industry in Malaysia RAPID refining and chemical integration project, based on satisfaction. The growing demand for refined oil and chemical raw materials in Southeast Asia. The successful feeding has laid the foundation for the overall production of RAPID's entire refining and chemical integration unit.

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