Yufu feed grade TCP exports to the United States

Time: 2019-01-22

Recently, Guizhou Yunfu Chemical Co., Ltd. Chun'an Calcium Salt Branch produced 4,668 tons of feed grade tricalcium phosphate (TCP) pellets, which arrived at the US port and delivered smoothly. The company's feed grade TCP products successfully entered the US market.

It is understood that in July 2011, Yanfu Group and Japan's Onoda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. invested in a joint venture to build a feed grade tricalcium phosphate project. Due to the large cultural differences between China and Japan, the problems in the installation have not been resolved, and it has not been able to meet the standards. In 2016, according to the separate mode of capital and operation, Guizhou Yunfu Chemical Co., Ltd. leased equipment production and operation. Faced with many challenges such as foreign technology blockades and device design defects, Yunfu team's innovative thinking constantly digests and absorbs the imported production technology, overcomes the technical difficulties and bottlenecks of the device, and makes the TCP device reach the standard and the production capacity is steadily improved. In 2018, the company produced feed grade TCP products that exceeded 27,000 tons and achieved a profit of 2.694 million yuan for the first time.

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