Kemira Laizhou Polyaluminum Chloride Project Foundation

Time: 2019-01-18

On January 10th, the global chemical company Kemira held a groundbreaking ceremony for the annual production of 40,000 tons of polyaluminum chloride project in its Zhangzhou joint venture, Kemira Tiancheng Wanfeng Chemicals (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. A new milestone in the development of Mira China.


Water Treatment Coagulant - Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) is a high quality water treatment chemical with good coagulation performance, large flocs, low dosage, high efficiency, fast precipitation and wide adaptability. Used in industrial wastewater treatment and municipal water treatment. The ground-breaking polyaluminium chloride project, which will be used as a phosgene/acyl chloride project, will be commissioned in July 2019. In the future, it will be used mainly in the paper industry for water treatment and municipal and industrial water treatment.


Nichlas Kavander, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Kemira Pulp and Paper, said: “The proposed PAC project in Kemira adopts international modernization concepts and standards to provide customers with high quality products. With the introduction of increasingly stringent wastewater regulations, the market The demand for quality PAC will increase further."

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