Xinyu builds the world's largest lithium salt base

Time: 2018-12-26
The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology recently disclosed that Xinyu City seized the favorable opportunity of the state to support the development of new energy vehicles, vigorously developed the lithium battery industry, and focused on strengthening the lithium salt industry by virtue of its resources. This year, Xinyu City is expected to become the world's largest lithium salt production base.
It is reported that Xinyu City has put forward the slogan of “building a global high-altitude lithium battery”. The development of the lithium-ion industry is closely surrounding the industrial upgrading, and continuously increase investment in investment and project investment.
Liu Liheng, director of the Xinyu City Industrial and Information Committee, pointed out that Xinyu City will build a global lithium-ion highland, and the lithium salt industry, which is supported by basic raw materials, must exert its strength. Xinyu lithium salt is rich in resources, and the foundation of industrial development is relatively solid. In 2017, the city's lithium salt accounted for 17.97% of the global lithium salt production, accounting for 34.28% of the country's lithium salt production. This year, the city's lithium salt production capacity is expected to reach 130,000 tons, becoming the world's largest lithium salt production base. To strengthen the front end of the industry, adhere to the focus of Yanfeng Lithium Industry and Dongpeng New Materials, encourage enterprises to increase capital and expand shares, and further enlarge and strengthen the lithium salt sector, which will become the priority direction of Xinyu City's industrial development.

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