Salt Lake Lithium Resources Development Breaks Technical Bottleneck

Time: 2018-12-21
The Qinghai Salt Lake Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced on December 14 that the gradient coupling membrane separation technology developed by the institute and Minmetals Salt Lake Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights has been successfully applied in the development of salt lake lithium resources. The 10,000-ton lithium carbonate plant product constructed by Pingyan Lake brine has been successfully launched. This move marks the breakthrough of the technical bottleneck in the development of lithium resources in Qinghai Salt Lake.
The successful implementation of the project will further promote the development of lithium resources in the Liliping Salt Lake. It will also provide technical support for the development and comprehensive utilization of lithium resources in salt lakes in other regions, and realize the efficient, green development and resource recycling of lithium resources in salt lakes in China. The development of the lithium battery industry in Qinghai Province is of great significance.

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