The deterioration of the economic and trade environment has caused the European titanium dioxide market to cool down

Time: 2018-08-23

With the recent deterioration of the global economic and trade environment, the economic situation in Europe has weakened, and the European titanium dioxide market has begun to cool down. European titanium dioxide prices began to fall due to slower economic growth and influx of products from other regions. At present, the biggest problem encountered in the European titanium dioxide market is that because there are no clear solutions to the potential tariff barriers in the future, many European companies cannot determine the future mode of operation, that is, the layout can be maximized. The cost of avoiding tariff issues. At the same time, under the risk that existing production bases may be subject to high tariffs, enterprises are more inclined to temporarily reduce the scale of production, so as to avoid a large number of goods that cannot be sold after the tariffs are put on, resulting in a backlog of products. Therefore, in the coming months, European companies will be at a lower level of production enthusiasm and investment enthusiasm, which will lead to increased downside risks in the European titanium dioxide market.

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