The balance of the caustic soda market after the global chlor-alkali supply falls into chaos

Time: 2018-08-23

In recent months, the price of caustic soda in Europe and Asia has fallen sharply, returning to the price before the impact of Hurricane Harvey last year. However, the performance of the US market is different. Due to the lack of positive production capacity of producers and the continued trend of structural supply tension, product prices remain at a high level. At present, the US caustic soda spot export business is still small. The tight supply situation has limited the amount of exportable contracts outside the contract. Several large-scale caustic soda producers in the United States, including Olin, Occidental Chemical, and West Lake Chemical, have previously announced that they will gradually expand the capacity of PVC and chlor-alkali plants and increase slowly. Production to meet the growth of global demand. However, according to industry estimates, by 2020, the new capacity of US producers will not go online.

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