Liu Qi, governor of Jiangxi Province, inspects Jingdezhen sodium metabisulfite industry group

Time: 2018-01-15

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The Deputy Secretary of the Jiangxi provincial Party committee and the governor of Liu Qi, the governor of the Provincial Committee of Jingdezhen, visited the sodium metabisulfite industry group of Jingdezhen last week. The Secretary of the Party committee of Jing Jiao group, chairman Cai Jingzhang, general manager Li Baoquan and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Cao Hua, were accompanied by the investigation. Liu Qi expressed recognition of the environmental protection measures of Jing Jiao group in recent years. Then, Liu Qi also visited the black cat carbon black production line of Jiangxi black cat. The picture shows that Liu Qi visited the black cat carbon black company for a new product.

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