The rapid decline of the caustic soda market is unpredictable

Time: 2018-01-08

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In December, the blink of an eye will soon end. Most of the chemical products are going well at the end of the year, and our caustic soda has been running since the end of 11. The rapid decline in the speed of caustic soda is unpredictable, after a period of adjustment, it is now stable.

1. Understanding of caustic soda

In the aspect of chemical known as caustic soda, but most of them still more people familiar with sodium hydroxide, chemical formula NaOH, as a kind of strong corrosive alkali, usually flake or block form, easily soluble in water (dissolved in water and heat) form an alkaline solution, otherwise deliquescence in the air, easy to absorb water vapor (deliquescence) and carbon dioxide (metamorphic), adding hydrochloric acid to test whether the metamorphism.

Two, upstream and downstream analysis

Upstream: the market performance is flat, the output of equipment has also been reduced, and the market has a great margin.

Downstream: the early stage has been the downstream market to support the caustic soda market. At present, the downstream market starts to operate at many low levels, and the enterprises have high load production, the market stock is not high, and the demand for the caustic soda market is reduced. Market loss of important downstream support, caustic soda market decline speed is irresistible.

Three. Analysis of the aftermarket

As a whole, the recent trend in the caustic soda market can be said to be a regressive reason. The upstream and downstream markets have no obvious advantage to support the market again, but it is a sudden factor, and the impact of environmental protection also limits the start-up of caustic soda enterprises. Near the end of the year, most of the chemical products will be affected by the traditional off-season. It is expected that the soda market will become more rigid. If we want to change the current trend, downstream is still an important key.

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