Global aluminum industry building sodium hydroxide plant in Khalifa industrial area

Time: 2018-01-05

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The United Arab Emirates global aluminum group (EGA) and Shaheen Chemical Investment Company (ShaheenChemInvestments) signed a long-term agreement, to be in Abu Dhabi Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad) construction of comprehensive chemical factory. The plant will produce sodium hydroxide to meet the needs of all sodium hydroxide for 15 years in the AlTaweelah aluminum smelter of the global aluminum industry.

The plant will be built near the AlTaweelah base of the global aluminum industry, covering 300 thousand square meters of space, with further expansion. The annual capacity of the first phase project is 130 thousand tons of sodium hydroxide and 160 thousand tons of two ethylene chloride. The two phase of the project will double the production of sodium hydroxide and begin to produce vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride.

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