Israel chemical phosphoric acid production declined

publisher: Jeffrey
Time: 2017-07-24

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Recently, the Israeli chemical group (ICL) Rotem plant slowed down the progress of phosphoric acid production, which occurred in the last month of gypsum leakage is closely related. In June 30th, part of embankment collapse caused leakage from gypsum accumulation pool. The plant's phosphoric acid output is less than half the plant's phosphoric acid production, ICL said, and the environmental and economic impact of the incident remains unknown.

In July 1st, the Israeli Ministry of environmental protection ordered ICL's Rotem plant to halt the use of three mobile gypsum pools. The company has also been ordered to submit alternative alternatives for the storage of gypsum. ICL has applied for permission to use a different gypsum storage pool and has conducted investigations within the company.

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