The chemical industry of China and Russia&Europe companies are researching fertilizer project

publisher: Jeffrey
Time: 2017-06-21

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      Russian satellite network reported that the governor of Tula, Russia Alexei Jiu Ming told reporters in Beijing, a Russian big fertilizer producers European chemical co., LTD (EuroChem) and China's chemical industry group company are studying Tula fertilizer production project.

Jiu said: "at present, the chemical fertilizer industry giant, the global fertilizer industry outstanding European company is working with the Chinese chemical industry group co., LTD, which research in tula to create new high-tech joint project of the factory."

According to the project, he said,including new joint high-tech chemical fertilizer production, the fertilizer will not only be used for the domestic market, and most will be used for export.

On April 20, the Russian embassy in China hold tula state investment potential seminar, introduce the state in the field of industrial, commercial and tourism cooperation with China's existing and future projects.

At the same time, the state's industrial energy minister dmitry los he said, with China's chemical industry in the new Moscow city to implement in the production of polyurethane project planning is the priority of the local government.

European chemical company was founded in 2001, is the main production of nitrogen and phosphorus.

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