Buffett's acquisition of the German chemical giant LANXESS part of stake

From: Source : Securities Times
Time: 2017-08-07

 Berkshire Hathaway  under the name of Warren Buffett is holding hundreds of billions of dollars in cash , these cash ends provoke curiosity in the market . Recently Buffett starts NiuDao . 
     According to the news of overseas media , the German manufacturer of chemicals LANXESS  is reported  that  Berkshire Hathaway has acquired 3% of its shares .LANXESS  said in a supervising  document that Berkshire Hathaway acquired 3% of its shares through General Reinsurance. It was worth about 180 million EU at the time of the stock price (about 200 million USD )
    Market data showed  that  the cash Berkshire Hathaway hold was about 86 billion dollars by December 2016. The market forecasts that the profit would soar to 100 billion dollars by the middle of the year  as dozens of subsidiaries contribute profits . Buffett said that it would be reserved 20 billion dollars  at least as buffer fund . This fund will be used for insurance compensation or for acquisition opportunity . Overseas analysis institution Edward Jones analyst Jim said that though Buffett would hope 20 billion dollars for emergency , the cash holding is too much . Investment manager Richard Cook said that there may be hundreds of billions of dollars in M&A transactions .

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