LANWESS: Expanding production of flame retardants in US factories

From: Sinochem new network
publisher: Minna
Time: 2017-08-21
Summary: Sinochem new network

Sinochem new network  LANWESS , theGerman special chemical company ,reported  on 19th ,May that  the flame retardant factory bottleneckproject has been finished  , the factoryis located in Arkansas Ei Dorado ,USA.

   The project has changed the yieldof flame retardant Emerald Innovation 3000  from 10 thousand tons per year to 14 thousandtons per year .

   Polystyrene insulated foammanufacturers used HBCD flame retardant before , and now they have changed tothe other sustainable flame retardant   just like the LANWESS EmeraldInnovation 3000 . LANWESS additive agent businessdepartment's director Anno Borkowsky said that about50% global demand use this  newtechnology . This department is in charge of Emerald Innovation 3000 relevantmatters , and has begun to take charge of it when LANWESS purchased The United States Chemtura Corporation  in April ,2017 .

    EmeraldInnovation 3000  is produced  in the factory of Arkansas Ei Dorado that LANWESS established . Recently , a new established11,000 square foot  factory  in the south of the company  would support the development of the improvednew flame retardant . 

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