Hubei ,Yichang ,1 kilometer along the river , it is banned the entrance of heavy chemical industry ,paper industry.

Time: 2017-05-16
  Hubei ,Yichang ,the implementation of ecological priority ,green development should be a heavy hand .In the future Hubei ,Yichang ,1 kilometer along the Chang river , Qing river and the major tributaries , it is all banned entrance of heavy chemical industry ,paper industry .Municipal Water Conservancy and Hydropower Bureau has issued a notice  , Matters relating to water such as heavy chemical industry ,paper industry would be seriously managed .
       It is reported that the banned   matters  relating to water such as heavy chemical industry ,paper industry include soil and water conservation scheme approval ,  water intake permission ,flood impact assessment approval , sewage outfall installation approval and so on . Items under approval should be stopped , the projects that is more than 1 kilometers less than 15kilometers would also be stopped temporarily . 
       Notification said that the handling of wading matters have been approved would strengthen supervision after the matter .No project should be allowed to go through the examination and approval procedures for projects that have not been settled in industrial parks and concentration areas .Law enforcement departments should strictly supervise and enforce the law .
    Relevant departments will strengthen the administrative examination and approval , day-to-day supervision, administrative law enforcement supervision and inspection of the whole process. If the illegal cases are not handed over and the cases assigned are not investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law ,the responsibility of the personnel concerned shall be seriously investigated .

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