Canada government has approved calcium chloride for part of meat products.

Time: 2017-05-10

The concerned  exporting companies  note : Canada  government has approved calcium chloride for part of meat products.

Date of issue: 2017-5-7 

Recently  Ministry of Health Canada released bulletin that calcium chloride as the atender agent could be used in part of meat products . As for the concernedexporting enterprise , it can be combined with product quality requirements inthe process ,and strictly determine the amount added. Conform tothe requirements of the Canada, we do not make or excessive use.

The reporter learned from Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau,recently, the Canadian Ministry of Health issued bulletin, approved by thecalcium chloride as a meat tenderizer for meat products. Has come into effectsince May 3rd. Before Canada approved calcium chloride as a food additive usedfor a series of food, however, has not yet been approved for meat products. TheCanadian Ministry of health by the food safety risk assessment that the calciumchloride used for meat products and will not have any impact on human health,in view of this, approval for part of meat products.

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