Jiangxi environmental protection department will close more than 170 small printing and dyeing enterprises

publisher: Jeffreyshen
Time: 2017-03-23

  Jiangxi environmental protection department will close more than 170 small printing and dyeing enterprises

Itis learnt on 20th March that the government has taken   more than 10 special measures such asimportant industry and environmental protection of drinking water sources lastyear . The measures have achieved remarkable results through the control ofwater,gas  and soil pollution .To the endof 2016 ,Jiangxi government  hasclosed  more than 170 small enterprisesin the field of papermaking , printing and dyeing, electroplate , pesticides ,They don't conform to the national industrial policy .

    Itis reported  that the government hasincreased the intensity of governance in the field of atmosphere ,water,soil  . Included in the 2016 plan ofultra-low emission of coal-fired power plants and saving projects have beencompleted . More than 80 thousand old cars have been elimanated .The number of days of good air quality was 81.4%last year in Jiangxi province.  Waterenvironment quality has been stable , The province is newly created 49provincial ecological township  ,70provincial ecological village .

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