The price of bulk chemical commodity is rising , middle and lower enterprises are facing cost pressure

publisher: Jeffrey Shen
Time: 2017-03-23

 1. The price of bulkchemical commodity  is rising  , middle and lower enterprises are facingcost pressure

 The PPI has risen 7.8%last month , causing market concerns about whether the PPI will lead to the CPIand then raise inflationary pressures .According to the  institutional data , from 13th March to 17thMarch ,  the price of 50% of bulkcommodity has been increasing  ,and39.66% has been falling . increasing 30% of the quantity of commodity  compared with last week . The rises of upstream raw materials price causes doubleworries of the market  . The one is theincreasing of middle and lower enterprises cost , the other is  the rises of inflationary pressures as thePPI leads to the CPI. Zhou Jingtong , the researcher  of institute of international finance Bank of China , said that  theprice of bulk commodity such as metals , coals , copper  is rising day by day , PPI will rise in ashort  term .

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