Is formic acid and sodium formate the same?
Formic acid is one of the basic organic chemical raw materials, widely used in pesticides, leather, dyes, pharmaceuticals and rubber industries. Formic acid can be directly used in fabric processing, tanning, textile printing and silage storage, as well as metal surface treatment agents, rubber additives and industrial solvents. Used in the synthesis of various formic acid esters, acridine dyes and formamide series pharmaceutical intermediates in organic synthesis.

Sodium formate is mainly used in the leather industry. The main uses are as follows:
(1) It is mainly used for the production of formic acid, oxalic acid and insurance powder, and also for the production of dimethylformamide. Also used in medicine, printing and dyeing industry. ;
(2) used as a reagent for measuring phosphorus arsenic, a disinfectant and a mordant;
(3) Used as a preservative. Use 4: for alkyd resin coatings, plasticizers, strong;
(4) Used as explosives, acid-resistant materials, aviation lubricants, and binder additives.

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