What’s the difference between soda ash light and soda ash dense

soda ash light and soda ash dense  are soda ash, sodium carbonate is commonly known as soda ash , sodium carbonate is white powder, easily soluble in water, with salt permeability, sodium carbonate without crystal water is soda ash light ,which is white fine particles ;  sodium carbonate with crystalline water is soda ash dense, which is white crystal powder . The main difference of  soda ash light and soda ash dense  is that their sodium carbonate content and salt content are different. In the current national standard of soda ash, the salt content of the general sodium carbonate is less than 0.7%, that is, soda ash dense. The density of soda ash light and soda ash dense is different, the bulk density of  soda ash light isless than 500-600(KG/M3)  , and  soda ash dense bulk density  is 900-1000(KG/M3).

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